Friday, May 15, 2009

El Meson

Since Las Manitas closed a while back, I've been looking for a place that makes really good vegetarian breakfast tacos. Last weekend, I checked out El Meson, which is waaay over by the airport.After finding the secluded little place, I was delighted by the charming interior, with tiled tabletops, small two-tops and larger booths.

Orders placed at the counter, we found ourselves at one of the two-tops.

Within just a few minutes, our order was up: two tacos for me, and huevos motulenos for the man.

Tacos: black bean, mushroom and cheese; black bean and fresh cactus.

Huevos motulenos with beans, potatoes and tortillas

The tacos were good. I'd heard the tortillas were fresh, but when I asked at the counter if they were homemade the reply was, "not today." Still, for store-bought, they were good and corn-y. The black beans were delicious, and had some fresh peppers and onions in them. The cactus was fresh and still a little crunchy - so good, and it also had some heat from fresh peppers. So much better than canned.

The salsa made it even better. It was smokey, tangy and hot with chile de arbol.

I got a taste of the huevos motulenos, too. The two sauces were very fresh and vibrant, and the potatoes were well seasoned.

Despite the distance, I think I'll return to try lunch. The calabicitas plate sounds really good.

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