Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gelato, Why Not-O?

I have a sweet tooth—there's no denying it. As a child, most of my allowance was spent on candy, and even today I jump at the chance to try new sweets.

I've noticed, though, that despite my love of sweets, given the choice, I'll opt for a savory snack most of the time. Often, I'll reach for the salty popcorn before going for the cake.

Luckily, some culinary geniuses have worked to combine the two, and the sweet and salty combination has absolutely become one of my favorite flavors.

To sample a salty-sweet and cold confection on a recent warm evening, I headed to Teo, near Central Market on 38th St.

Presented with a case full of fresh gelato, I usually waffle, trying to decide on which flavor to choose. At Teo, I had no problem in selecting a small scoop of the Salted Caramel.

It was delicious - sweet and creamy, with bites of salt throughout creating slightly meltier pockets throughout the scoop. Even better, it was shot throughout with shards of crunchy burnt sugar.

For me, the only improvement would have been a sugar cone. I love an edible container, but couldn't really justify putting a tiny scoop of gelato into a big waffle cone.

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